RSA Course Online

RSA Online Course

The Australian Hotels Association (WA) proudly offers the most reliable services for everyone in the hospitality industry. We want to see you succeed, whether you’re a hospitality venue owner or an employee completing training. Our RSA online course aims to equip you with the knowledge and information you need to excel. Register now and join the 100,000 people who have already completed training with the AHA(WA).

The RSA training is mandatory in all states in Australia. The Government encourages employers and employees to undergo such training to avoid penalties. Anyone who serves alcohol or wishes to work in Australia’s hospitality sector should also complete one of the RSA courses to become eligible and increase their chances of getting hired.

Why Train Online?

We provide flexible training solutions. You can choose between an on-site option or online training. Taking our classroom courses allows you to meet new friends and enjoy a different environment. Our online training is a more convenient option, as you can do it at home or in your office. All you have to do is register and successful complete your assessment for your chosen online training course. We offer 24/7 online RSA training so you can choose the most convenient schedule.

Scope of the Training

RSA training focuses on all the important aspects of handling, supplying, and serving alcoholic beverages. During the training, we’ll teach you how to sell or serve alcohol properly and to encourage customers to drink responsibly. You can also learn to identify alcohol-affected customers and refuse to provide alcoholic beverages to them. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Facts about alcohol and the law
  • Proper handling of customers
  • Effects of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Improving the environment in your hospitality venue

Register for an online RSA training course today. Contact us for more information on 08 9321 7701 about the registration process and training schedules.

If you are a non-Australian resident on an overseas student visa (Subclass 500 International Student Visa) you must only complete training with a CRICOS provider. The AHA is not a CRICOS provider and you cannot complete training with us. Visit for more information



While course dates and information are provided for your convenience on the AHA(WA) website and Training Calendar,  please be aware dates and times may change. Contact 08 9321 7701 to find out more. 

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