Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate


Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA Certificate

The Australian Hotels Association (WA) assists staff in the hospitality industry by equipping them with the knowledge to serve patrons responsibly. We offer services that improve their understanding about the responsible service of alcohol. By providing training courses for our members and their staff, we assist them in becoming responsible and teaching them tools to maintain a safe venue environment. Register for our online course to get your Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA certificate.

As one of the leading providers of RSA programs in Western Australia, the AHA strives to offer the best services to its members. We do it by improving our courses and providing the most relevant information available today. When you join our training, youÂÂ’ll gain knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment in your hospitality business.

Staying Up-to-Date and Meeting the Requirements

Every person engaged in the sale, service of supply of alcohol needs to complete an RSA course to comply with the existing rules and regulations set by the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor. You need a certificate to prove that you have successfully completed the training. The AHA keeps you updated with the latest information about the proper service of alcohol in hotels, accommodation properties, bars, and other hospitality establishments.

Your Ticket to a Successful Journey in Your Hospitality Career

You will receive your certificate only after you complete the required training. That piece of paper will serve as your proof of eligibility in handling and serving alcoholic beverages. YouÂÂ’ll need it if you want to work as a bartender, waiter, or any other hospitality jobs that involve alcohol. It'Â’s easier to get the job you want if you have a certification. ItÂÂ’s your passport to a range of hospitality career opportunities.

The Australian Hotels Association provides on-site and online RSA courses for those who want to work in the countryÂÂ’s hospitality industry. Enrol now and get your certificate in no time . Contact us on (08) 9321 7701 to learn more about the training schedules, scopes and requirements.




While course dates and information are provided for your convenience on the AHA(WA) website and Training Calendar,  please be aware dates and times may change. Contact 9321 7701 to find out more. 

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