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AHA (WA) CEO Bradley Woods said while the WA government has not mandated vaccinations within the hospitality industry, Crown Perth’s announcement of its intention to implement a mandatory vaccination policy for entry to their complex shows Western Australians would be wise to get vaccinated now.

“Western Australia has been extremely fortunate to have avoided the devastating effects of the pandemic to date, however we know that with respect to the Delta variant, it is a matter of when, not if, it arrives in WA,” Mr Woods said.

“We have a unique window of opportunity to get as many people as possible in WA vaccinated, with new supplies of vaccines coming online and available to all eligible cohorts.”

“WA has led the way throughout the pandemic, but sadly our vaccination rate lags the rest of Australia.”

“Over the past 18 months we have been able to head to the pub and dine at restaurants when millions of our fellow Australians have been in lockdown – the best way for us to preserve our freedoms is to get the jab now.”

“The Reopening NSW roadmap shows that only fully vaccinated people and those with medical exemptions will have access to certain freedoms including the ability to visit the pub, while in Victoria similar proposals have been flagged by Premier Daniel Andrews.”

“The best way to avoid being locked out of your local pub, bar or restaurant is by getting the jab.”

“It has been a long, frustrating period for WA’s hospitality industry and the broader WA community, but the end is now in sight.

“Don’t get locked out of your local – get vaccinated.”

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