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Liquor Licensing

The AHA provides members with assistance in the following areas:

  • Representation to Government on liquor licensing issues
  • Appealing dangerous precedent - setting cases for the industry
  • Advice on interpreting the Liquor Control Act 1988
    • Clarifying amendments
    • Translating information into plain language
  • Advising members of applications for new licenses in their area
  • Representing licensees' interests on local accords, health and community working groups and liquor industry advisory councils
  • Advice and guidance concerning interactions with WA Police - Liquor Enforcement Unit and Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor

In addition to the above the AHA assists members with advice and implementation relating to:

  • Health regulations
  • Tobacco Control
    • smoking in enclosed public places
    • sale & supply of tobacco products
  • Local council regulations
  • Mandatory liquor licensing training requirements
    • which staff are required to be trained
  • Trading hours for special occasions
  • Extended trading permit applications
  • and much more! 


AHA Liquor Licensing Self Audit Checklist

The AHA(WA) created and released the Licensed Premises Checklist in July 2012 and have now gone one step further and created the Online Licensed Premises Self Audit Checklist.

This checklist assists many members in identifying and addressing areas within their licensed premises that require compliance.

The new online tool currently has 10 modules that must be completed in sequence from 1 - 10, in order to generate a printable report at the end. These modules include:

1. Approved Managers (9 questions)
2. Required Documentation (11 questions)
3. Venue Management (3 questions)
4. Barring Notices (3 questions)
5. Forms of ID (3 questions)
6. Incident Register (5 questions)
7. Crowd Controllers (10 questions)
8. Tobacco Licence (6 questions)
9. Smoking at your venue (7 questions)
10. Restaurant - Liquor Without A Meal (2 questions) Licensed Premises Checklist Yes or No Questions

Proceed through the checklist by answering Yes or No to each of the questions.

When you have answered all the questions in that particular module; click "start checklist" to begin the next module (see image below) or "skip module" to skip this section and proceed to the next question. Continue this process until all 9 modules have been completed. Licensed Premises Checklist Modules

Once you have completed all 9 modules; you will be able to generate your Licensed Premises Checklist report.

When you click "Generate Report", you will be able to either:

  • Copy, paste and save the content of your report into a document; or

  • Generate a PDF and save and print your report from there. Licensed Premises Checklist Report on screen or download

This comprehensive checklist can be accessed by clicking here to login to the members' area of the AHA website.

You can login to the AHA Members Area to view this checklist and many more useful Liquor Licensing documents, links and information.

Liquor Licensing - Approved Managers Courses

Management of Licensed Premises MLP1

The AHA is a nationally accredited training provider offering discounted training services for members and specialised training to the hospitality industry.

Approved Managers Classroom Training available at AHA(WA) 38 Parliament Place, West Perth

  • Course in Management of Licensed Premises (52473WA) - MLP1


Online Training available at www.ahawa.asn.au/training or www.rsawa.com

  • Course in Management of Licensed Premises (52473WA) - MLP1 including Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB009A)

  • Course in Management of Licensed Premises (52473WA) - MLP1


Onsite Training

The AHA(WA) can also provide on-site training tailored to your venue for:

  • Course in Management of Licensed Premises (52473WA) - MLP1 including Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB009A)

  • Course in Management of Licensed Premises (52473WA) - MLP1


For more information on member discounts for AHA approved manager training click here or call the AHA training department on 9321 7701.       


The course was very informative and provided good guidelines for prospective approved managers.
- Daniel Payne, Quay West Bunker Bay Resort


I was there to refresh my knowledge and to keep in the loop with all the new changes in the Liquor Act. The trainer was very engaging, he knew just how to get the information across. I found that the relevant training was highlighted and all the sections were applicable to me in my workplace. It is great value and I will continue to send Luxe Bar employees to the AHA to be trained.
- Michelle Mok, Owner/Director, Luxe Bar


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