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Lobbying and Government Relations

The AHA(WA) is the State's peak hospitality and tourism industry association, which represents and protects the financial and political interests of the hospitality industry throughout WA.

Specific areas:

  • Maintaining a close working relationship with Members of Parliament and government agencies;
  • Lobbying Federal, State and Local Government and the public service to promote the interests of the hotel industry;
  • Monitor proceedings and presenting submissions to both state and federal governments to change, oppose or support  specific legislation;
  • Co-ordinate meetings with local police, councils, health and other government agencies; and
  • Monitoring other significant issues such as tax, road safety, taxis, health & food regulations and local government.


AHA(WA) membership entitles businesses to a broad range of benefits, from government representation and effective lobbying, to training services and business support. The AHA(WA) is continually looking to improve the services and value for money for its members and understands that our members are the reason we exist.

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